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MN Fishing Opener 2023 from the perspective of Jesse, the professional fisherman

My big brother Jesse always gets pumped for MN Summer Fishing season and this year was no exception. When asked if he was excited for fishing opener this year, he responded with a simple “yes” because to him the question was rhetorical. He began preparations for opener a couple of months ago, in March; he made sure to get his fishing license early when the lines are short, and the summer fishing lure selection is prime. He made sure to pick out a brand-new brown/bronze segmented Rapala that he was sure would catch a lunker.

Jesse showed up to the pontoon with a sharp looking tan short sleeved collared shirt sporting a walleye scene on the back because that is the lucky fishing shirt that gets packed for each and every fishing trip. When asked about the shirt, Jesse explained it was so “he looks good in pictures with big fish”. Jesse also had a bright green and shiny fishing rod which has landed several fish both large and small (but mostly HUGE fish per Jesse). Both the fishing shirt and fishing rod and reel were gifted to Jesse by our beloved neighbor (more like a grandpa), Dennis, which makes these items even more special.

More than the excitement over the possibility of catching fish, Jesse was excited to be at his parents’ lake and on his favorite type of boat, the pontoon, with his favorite fishing buddies (Mom, Dad, Krysta, and Justin). Jesse’s fishing buddies were just as excited to be spending this MN holiday with Jesse too because Jesse’s happiness and excitement is contagious.

Once it was time to pick out lures for first casts, Jesse explained that the bigger the lure the more likely you were to pull in a big fish. Which is why he stocks his green tackle box of choice solely with nothing but big lures (he doesn’t have time for the small fish). When it came to bait, Jesse had his choice between fake bait and minnows and Jesse, the professional, chose minnows time and time again. But baiting your own hook is not something that the pros do by themselves; that is why the little sister is brought along on fishing trips to make sure the lures always have a lively minnow securely hooked.

Jesse’s favorite fish to catch are Northern and Bass. He will occasionally bobber fish, but what busy, professional fisherman has time for small fish?

I had to ask Jesse what advice he has to those of us who are not professional fisherman, and he said the secret to a successful fishing trip is to “have dad help”. So make sure that no fishing trip is planned without your dad because that is the key to success!

Fishing opener 2023 was a windy one and Jesse made sure to let me know that wind is not a deterrent to a fishing trip; all that you need to remember is that you had it on tight. Jesse also made mention of his favorite lake to fish- his parent’s lake (the family cabin), because he always has fun. Some of Jesse’s favorite cabin activities include roasting marshmallows, cooking (and eating) hot dogs, having picnics, going for walks, and going for atv rides.

My last question for Jesse to conclude the 2023 Fishing Opener interview was “what do you want to tell everyone”. Jesse’s response was: “Be polite and a good person”. The answer kind of took me by surprise because it was not fishing related, but the message is so important. It is good to have hobbies that we enjoy and make our hearts happy, but to truly enjoy these activities we must have good hearts and good intentions to truly enjoy life.

Constantly learning from my big brother.


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