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Edible grass is not easy to find

Easter is early this year which means that all of the cute easter crafts, yummy, themed recipes, and easter baskets need to get checked off the holiday to do list at a more rapid rate. It also means that the pastel easter decorations do not get to be up as long since St. Patrick’s Day was just last week, and Easter is in just a few short weeks.

The first easter recipe that I needed to try this year was Rice Krispie bird nests because I have been obsessed with Rice Krispies and Rice Krispie Treats since I was a young girl. I got the idea and inspiration for this on Facebook of course. I did not need a recipe because everyone learns how to make the dessert that contains butter, marshmallows and Rice Krispies from a young age. I just needed something egg shaped and something that resembled grass, and both needed to be edible. And this is where the hunt for edible grass started.

As I start compiling my to make lists, I also make a list in my phone of all the ingredients that I need to pick up from the store so I can grab the necessary ingredients as I find them, so a special trip to the store is not necessary when I decide to make the treats. The Rice Krispies and marshmallows made their way home with me after the first trips to the store. I was unable to find the mini-Cadbury eggs at the grocery store, but I happily replaced these with peanut butter M&M eggs because peanut butter M&Ms are the superior Easter candy. However, edible grass was tough to find; there was none to be found at the few stores I frequent so the recipe got placed on the back burner for several days because a bird nest is not a bird nest without grass. Justin and I even stopped at a couple of grocery stores and convenience stores out of town while on a road trip and had no luck finding this elusive grass.

Finally, we decided that Walmart had to have this edible grass or something that would pass as grass. To make this search even more difficult, our Walmart is re-doing their floors and the store is laid out differently each time you stop in. After an embarrassing number of trips around the store we finally found the easter aisles and the candy aisles. We had to have walked down the easter candy aisles at least three times and were just about ready to give up when we spotted the small bag of EDIBLE GRASS that was green apple and mixed berry flavored!! You best believe we purchased 2 bags after the several days long edible grass hunt.

The assembly of the nests was so simple. The Rice Krispie base of the nest was my favorite part because the smell of marshmallows and butter is heavenly! Forming the nests in a cupcake pan went pretty slick too after I remembered that the cupcake pan needed to be nonstick sprayed; that would have been an awful outcome had I forgotten. After the nest base had cooled, the rare edible grass was placed in the nest (which turned out to be a tasty treat) and then topped with a couple of M&M eggs! Voila! An adorable easter nest that was just as delicious as precious!

One batch of Rice Krispie Treats made 24 nests.

Forever adding to my 2 mile-long to do list because idle time is wasted time -Krysta

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