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The famous pickle

I sewed a pickle that is going to be a star of a play; well not the star but it will be in a play. And that is impressive for a pickle; tell me I am wrong, I will wait.

My friend is going to be in a play, The Odd Couple, and I have been enjoying hearing all her play practice stories and hearing all about this play she is going to be in. This past week, she surprised me by randomly producing this large green glob of fabric out of nowhere and asked if I knew how to make it look more like a pickle. Of course, I needed to laugh at this hideous, long green thing before I could respond with “there is no hope for this, but I can make you a pickle”. And so begins the story of the soon to be famous pickle.

The first step was to commandeer pickle green fabric. This was done at Hobby Lobby, but as any crafter knows you cannot simply leave Hobby Lobby without more than what you came for. I left with my and my husband’s arms full of supplies for crafts already started and crafts yet to have begun. I purchased an eighth of a yard of pickle fabric allowing myself extra fabric in case I was not successful in my first attempt.

The next step was to channel my inner pickle lover and draw the pickle shape on the fabric. Now I have never been artsy, but luckily the pickle shape is forgiving, and the lumpy looking oval was achievable without great skill. Once I was happy with what I had drawn, I cut the shape out. This took a lot of snipping and shaping until I was satisfied. Once I got a pickle shape cut out of the fabric that resembled a two-dimensional pickle, I was tasked to cut out a second; this was much easier since I had a template this go around.

After the two two dimensional pickles had been cut out, it was time to get to work and sew them together. I had to dust off my sewing machine since it has been neglected for a few months. This was a relatively easy process; I even had the perfect color green thread! It has been with me since my mom set me up with my very first sewing kit when I was just knee high and learning how to sew. It was like this famous pickle making was meant to be.

The two pickle shapes went together very easily and it was time to turn this unstuffed pickle right side out. Now an unstuffed pickle might be the most depressing sight because no one likes a loose pickle. But it was not a juicy and loose pickle skin for long.

Next it was time to stuff this shell so it could finally become what it was destined to be- the star of the prop show! With each pinch of stuffing this pickle took form, but I took great care to not over stuff or under stuff the form. Once the pickle was perfectly taught to be the perfect pickle it was destined to be, it was time to sew it shut! These last few stiches were the most exciting. When the last knot was tied and the loose string was cut, these two green pieces of fabric and a couple handfuls of stuffing had made the most perfect pickle shape.

But even though the pickle shape was achieved, it had not achieved its great pickle status yet. It needed some makeup (paint). So back to the craft supplies I went to pick out the perfect shades of green. All that was needed was some contouring and highlighting. And voila! Out of nothing but a dream, a pickle star was born!!

Isn’t the result of your crafting skills staring in a play the dream of any socially awkward person?

If you want to see my pickle in its debut acting career, check out the Odd Couple play that will be at the Lyric Center in Virginia, MN later this month.

Of course, I will be there to see my pickle and support my friend who will be Vinnie in both of their acting debuts!!

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